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Limescale effects on the Adey MagnaClean Pro

This week started with a call-out for a boiler fault. Low pressure cut-out due to a severe leak which was easily traced to a MagnaClean filter from ADEY Innovation.

The filter was caked in limescale and leaking badly from the inlet connector. Without any prior knowledge of the installation I assume it was fitted badly by a local plumber as the red locking nut was loose and the locking bar free to move.

The ADEY Innovation MagnaClean is good at removing ferrous contamination from heating systems but does require careful installation and maintenance and can easily succumb to limescale issues.

This was a new filter in a 20 year old system after 24 hours ! It does the job well

There are two potential issues when it comes to the MagnaClean. Firstly, routine maintenance. It’s a common occurrence to see leaks between the canister and top cap after the filter has been removed for periodic cleaning. There is a large O-ring inside which provides the seal. If the O-ring is dry it can become unseated when the cap is tightened, leaks will soon occur. In a hard water area this can clog up with limescale very quickly and even the rubber O-ring can have crusty limescale deposits adhering to the rubber. Failure of the seal is inevitable. Its an easy fix but many plumbers don’t realise the importance of lubricating the O-ring with a light coating of silicon grease. Allowing the plastic top cap and O-ring to slide over each other during tightening will maintain a good even seal and there should be no leaks. Leave it dry and caked in limescale at your peril !

The other issue is the press-fit coupling between the canister and valve bodies. It should be a reliable connection if installed correctly. If not and a leak develops it will rapidly escalate into a catastrophic failure, particularly in hard water areas. Limescale will soon build up inside the coupling and push on the gripping ring. Loss of grip will cause the connection to slip off and you are looking at a major flood !

Many times when I survey a home for a water softener, the owner tells me they already have a water softener and point at their MagnaClean. It’s a common misnomer that the MagnaClean removes limescale. It does not. It only removes ferrous materials from the heating system.

The only effective way to remove limescale is to fit a water softener. Not to be confused with a limescale inhibitor which will not remove the limescale, just concentrate it in the middle of the pipes. Its still there when water exits the pipe ! If you have a MagnaClean make sure it is installed correctly, check the O-ring each time its serviced and consider fitting a water softener if you live in a hard water area.

For more information on water softeners , water filters and salt supplies contact us for assistance.

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