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How hygienic is your water softener installer?

At the Tetbury Soft Water Company we take hygiene seriously. Our installation engineers are fully qualified plumbing engineers, not apprentices or labourers, but engineering professionals who can demonstrate academic qualifications and real-world industrial experience. As a minimum they will be Water Safe approved contractors and be members of a professional trade organisation such as the IET or Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineers. All our engineers carry photo ID cards showing their qualifications.

Installing a water softener involves working on the water supply in your home which you will be drinking. Hygiene is an essential part of our operational procedures. Our engineers carry medical grade hand sanitizers in their vehicles and the engineer will sanitize their hands before entering your home and again before touching any components which come into direct contact with your drinking water. All components we use come in sealed plastic bags. All plumbing fittings come with sealed end plugs to prevent contamination. Once unpacked we use medical grade sanitizing wipes to ensure all components used are scrupulously cleaned.

With the looming threat of Coronavirus in the Cotswolds, you can rest assured that your installation engineer from the Tetbury Soft Water Company has already been working to a hygiene standard well above that recommended by the government to mitigate the risk of spreading infection.

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