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Water Filter Systems

Kinetico AquaTaste & AquaGuard

The Kinetico Aqua range of filter systems delivers you the best of bottle water taste, but on tap. These filters use carbon blocks to remove Chlorine, Lead and pesticides and will give an average family of four 1,850  litres, or a year's worth of filtered water, from as little as 2p per litre.  The Aqua range comes with a system to remind you that your filter cartridge is coming up for replacement as well as MACguard that shuts the filter off when it is spent to prevent you drinking unfiltered water.

This space-saving range pops under your kitchen sink and comes with a modern design tap in a choice of 5 finishes - Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Bright Nickel, Polished Brass or Arctic White. The Aqua range comes with a 1 year parts Warranty

Kinetico K5 Filter Range

The Kinetico K5 range are the ultimate in water filtering systems and use reverse osmosis filtration rather than carbon blocks. The K5 is a compact, under-the-sink range, that provides continuous, high flow water with a cartridge life of around 1,850 litres - or a year's worth of water - for the average family of four.

From the K5 Pure that filters out Chlorine, Lead and other heavy metals, bacteria, Fluoride, Oestrogen and pharmaceuticals to the revolutionary K5 Pure Ultra that filters out 99.99% of viruses and delivers medical grade bio-pure water - these are the filters for those who demand the best.  The K5 range also delivers peace of mind with a 10 year parts Warranty.

The K5 range all come with a system that reminds you when the filter needs to be changed, MACguard that automatically shuts off when the filter expires to ensure you're not drinking unfiltered water and EverClean Rinse that prolongs the life of the filter by rinsing it with its own filtered water.

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