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High Efficiency

High efficiency units are cost efficient and optimised to use as little water and salt as possible during regeneration.

High Flow

If you have 3 to 6 bathrooms in your house then you probably have high water usage. A high flower unit with a faster flow rate will meet the needs of a large house.

Electronic Control

An electronic control unit requires a nearby power-source to run features such as the on-board computer and LED read-outs

Quiet Running

If noise during regeneration is a problem for you, look for units which are quiet running.

Twin Tanks

Many water softeners are single tank so when they're in cleaning mode, your supply of soft water is interrupted.  Twin-tank operate so when one tank is cleaning, the other takes over to give you continuous soft water. 

Block Salt

This salt is sold in blocks the size of a house brick, generally 2 blocks per bag. They are generally easier to handle and pour.

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AQA perla water softener
Suitable for domestic and commercial use.
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