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FREE DELIVERY. Experience the convenience of having your water softener salt delivered right to your door step. Our free delivery service is available for all customers in Tetbury and the surrounding villages. No more worries about carrying 8Kg bags around.

Kinetico block salt is available all year round at competitive prices. Did you know we are even cheaper than Screwfix and B&Q !

If you have the space then why not order 10 bags and benefit from a hefty discount on top of the already low price we offer.

Suitable for all Kinetico Premier Compact, Maxi and 2020c machines. Will also fit some of the Kinetico copies like the Harvey range.

To make it even easier for customers we now accept all major credit / debit cards, contactless payment devices as well as good old cash and cheques.

Contact us today at to book your next salt delivery.

Kinetico Block Salt
Kinetico Block Salt

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