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Kinetico Premier Maxi

High Flow

If you have 3 to 6 bathrooms in your house then you probably have high water usage. The Kinetico Premier Maxi boasts all the benefits of the Premier Compact but with a faster flow rate to meet the needs of a large house.

Non Electric

Simple is better. Kinetico have miniaturised the age-old technology of the water wheel to harness the power of the water itself to drive their water softeners. No electricity needed!

Twin Tanks

Most water softeners are single tank so when they're in cleaning mode, your supply of soft water is interrupted. The Premier Maxi is twin-tank so when one tank is cleaning, the other takes over to give you continuous soft water. 

Measured Regeneration

Most softeners need an electrical supply because their cleaning cycle is on an electronic timer. This Kinetico unit uses its clever little water wheels to act like a meter so its cleaning cycle is triggered by the amount of water that has passed through it. If you aren't at home you're not using water so the time between cleans is longer.  Why is that important? Well it means less salt usage and more money saved..

Quiet Running

The Kinetico Premier Maxi comes with precision engineered valves in a patented QuietDrive system because, let's face it, why would you want to hear your water softener operating?

10 Year Parts Warranty

Kinetico are so confident in the quality of their Premier Maxi that they give you a free 10 Year parts Warranty as standard.

Block Salt

Ever had to lug around a large sack of salt pellets? We have. They're heavy and you pour as many on the floor as in your water softener. The Premier Maxi simply requires you to pop in 2 blocks of salt. Easy to handle, easy to store - no fuss.

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Kinetico Premier Maxi water softener
Suitable for 3 to 6 bathroom households
Inside the Kinetico Premier Maxi
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