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Our Story

The Tetbury Soft Water Company started because of a problem.

In 2010 we moved back to our childhood home town in the Cotswolds and renovated a house. We were well aware of the water issues in the area; it was not only very hard, but also water from the tap smelt and tasted like a swimming pool once it reached room temperature.

So we did what most people do; got a cheap softener costing around £450 fitted and loaded up the shopping trolley with bottled water each week. The water softener was quite bulky, fairly noisy when regenerating and needed a power supply. It also couldn't be used for drinking water so the kitchen tap had to be isolated and we had to continue the weekly routine of descaling the kettle.

After two years the softener went wrong. Then it went wrong again. Then it went spectacularly wrong and flooded the floor. Enough was enough; we ripped it out and decided to do without.

Infinity water softener showroom
Infinity T4 water softener in showroom

A year later we noticed the pressure in our hot taps and showers had decreased dramatically and that we were fighting a losing battle against limescale build-up on taps, sinks and showers. Our towels felt rough, hair felt straw-like and Emma was spending a fortune on body lotions and moisturiser to combat increasingly dry skin.

It was a family member who recommended a Kinetico water softener and we've never looked back. In no time we were singing the praises of the softener and had the confidence to fit a Kinetico water filter as well. Now, with mineral water straight from the tap, we can finally say we drink that golden 2 litres a day.

We are so happy and confident in Kinetico that we decided to stray from our backgrounds in electrical engineering and Internet safety and create The Tetbury Soft Water Company. 

As our company has grown , so has our range of products. We now stock Infinity,  Hague and BWT softeners  too. All the products we sell are fully tested by us in our home environment before we agree to sell, so you can buy from us with confidence.

So from our family to yours, we offer the advice, service and confidence to enjoy a soft water future.

Simon and Emma

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